What is this site about?

Huckleberry is a young plant person, and also a fruit themed superhero from Chunkystew, a small, eccentric desert town. He mostly wants to have fun, but he keeps meeting odd creatures and getting into unexpected adventures, with or without fellow superbeings.

This comic takes everything I love about superheroes, such as Golden/Silver Age inspiration, and combines it with my own brand of silliness and a fantasy setting. It's set in my preexisting universe, which means appearances from older characters, but don't worry, you can read it without any prior knowledge.

It's a passion project, and new content comes out whenever I can.

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Internet notes

This site is built on a custom HTML/CSS layout hosted on CF's free webcomic server, so some backend functionalities are out of my reach. I avoid Javascript or anything that makes pages too heavy whenever possible. I tried to optimize the site for mobile screens without defacing it.
See you! -Matt Comics (aka Matter Cosmic)