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Hello, everyone! As I write this post, it's December 31, 2020. I wish you a happy new year. Don't do anything stupid this night or tomorrow. Do, however, read this post if you're interested in Matt Comics lore.

You see, while going through my old drawings, I found one from December 31, 2007. That was exactly thirteen years ago. It has nothing to do with Huckleberry, but I thought I'd share it for those who are curious about my old art. Many things happen in 13 years, but I like to think there's always some sort of distinct MC feel behind the ink, colors, and evolving style.

Matt Comics and the living remote control
Left to right: the Living Remote Control, Matt Comics, and my sister's OC

So, more than a decade ago, I was drawing a lot of stuff about robots, often created by myself (the kid wearing the red shirt). This seems to be one of those scenes, the untold tale of the Living Remote Control! Who knows what truly happened on that day. When it happened, though, was sometime during the Heroic Age (basically anytime before the beginning of Huckleberry and the weekly Redacverse stories).

Not a very important post, but definitely a historical curiosity motivated by the timely rediscovery of this drawing. Will we ever see this robot again? Who knows...

The next comic page is on its way though, and the current story is almost finished. I've also been working on a characters page, I added it to the left side links. Take care!

by Matt Comics
This time, I'm showing off two things I requested in "let me draw your character" forum threads.

Here's AngryRob's interpretation of Huck, actually a tiny part of an old, big WIP full of people's characters. It's not one of those things that are easily completed, if ever, but the intention is what matters.

I really like the cartoony mascot design, and the smoothie is a funny touch!

And this is Zero "Sir Power" Hour's doodle of Phosphorus, who is apparently bewildered by spoons.

Either that, or he's trying to evolve into Alakazam. Either way, it's great!

by Matt Comics
Oh hey! Someone actually predicted one of Huckleberry's possible abilities! Did you notice this doodle's shell gauntlets?

This was made by Jeremy7, the Halloween enthusiast behind the adventures of Toby Lectro! The eponymous Lectro isn't the only superhero in this comic, but he's the one I drew a while back. Thanks, Jeremy!

Not too long after the initial portrait, I got a cool and unexpected crossover fan art, from the prolific KidCthulhu. Kid is a young elder god the author of Tangentville, a long webcomic with occasional nudity (so don't check it out at work I guess) and many, many characters rescued from orphaned stories.

I really like the juxtaposition of vegetal characters here! :)

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