Characters: heroes
This comic got a lot of characters, either from my old works, my pile of concepts begging to be used, or newer additions to the Matt Comics world. Here are the important ones. Hint: clicking on a character's picture will take you to the issue in which they first appear! (not counting flashbacks)


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Huckleberry, the plantfolk superhero from the desert


Huckleberry was adopted by a small town of humans, monsters, and other animals. Living in the Heroic Age shaped his passion for superheroes, and he quickly became one of them! In his spare time, he enjoys exploring, skiing, training, comics, and sunlight.

Species: Plant Person (Fruit variety)

Abilities: acid projection, slippery banana-based slime, creating protective shells, toxin resistance
Morning Star, the etheral mentor

Morning Star

One of the key figures of the Heroic Age, now a mysterious mentor for younger superbeings. He has ties with the Plantfolk species, helping them live in a world of animals. He uses a morningstar imbued with the Sun's energy.

Species: good question

Abilities: light projection, levitation, compelling voice, and some other things

More characters coming soon!