Wed, December 19, 2018 in Issue 1 - Hello, Huckleberry!
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
Welcome to the world of Huckleberry, everyone!

...which is really just a corner of my preexisting setting. I was in the mood for a superheroic series. Redacverse characters will appear sooner or later, but this comic will also feature even older characters, new heroes, and several public domain figures.

Left to right:

1st panel: (my version of) Thor, Pulpland, some alien hero, the Imperturbable Butt.
2nd panel: Superglue, Superbubble, Superfast.
3rd panel: Morning Star, Mechaworm, Winter Princess, Protogaster. (and Superfast in the background!)

Stay tuned!

-Mr. Comics

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A(nonym) December 15, 2018 edit delete reply
Cutest buttons ever.(ノ≧ڡ≦)
Matt Comics December 28, 2018 edit reply
Matt Comics
ShaRose49 December 19, 2018 edit delete reply
I agree. This is a good way to start a superhero comic, with a scene like this.
Matt Comics December 19, 2018 edit reply
Matt Comics
thanks! I thought it'd be great to introduce the whole setting even before the main character.

also your comment showed that the footer was pretty weird but it's fixed now lol