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Mon, March 30, 2020 in Issue 2 - At war with a worm

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Pew pew pew
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Author Notes

Matt Comics March 30, 2020 edit delete
Matt Comics
No, I'm not dead, just bad at time management, sometimes sick, and easily distracted. But don't worry, there are only a few pages left in this issue. Will Huckleberry die? Will there be a shortage of cereals in Chunkystew? And what's your opinion on nematodes?

Also the flashback panel is a new take on an event glimpsed in the introduction. (wow, Mechaworm looked huge back then)

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ShaRose49 March 30, 2020 edit delete reply
“Oops, he’s trying to kill me, minor setback!”
Matt Comics March 31, 2020 edit delete reply
Matt Comics
while being cavalier or irresponsible is not a good thing, I think one still needs a certain degree of detachment to get out of crazy superheroic situations in one piece. ;)

also, it makes the whole story a bit funnier.