Thu, July 9, 2020 in Issue 2 - At war with a worm
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
At last, we're done with this issue... but not with Morning Star, Mechaworm, and whatever else. Oh, and the protagonist, of course.

I wanted to show the ant's tiny voice with equally tiny letters, but it might be a bit hard to read and I might fix it later. Just in case, the first bubble says "Hi! I'm the Banana Ant!" and the second bubble says "Wait for me!".

Thanks for reading! Expect some changes in the next issue, such as slightly bigger pages!

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Marcel July 10, 2020 edit delete reply
I love the name Banana Ant! It's so fun to say!
Matt Comics July 11, 2020 edit reply
Matt Comics
that ant keeps following banana atoms so I went with a straightforward nickname :) glad you like it!
jamanning7 July 14, 2020 edit delete reply
I like the weird setting they're in: fruit creatures and a desert and beached rolled into one.
Matt Comics July 14, 2020 edit reply
Matt Comics
yeah I have a lot of fun designing my settings... this is only the beginning of the unexpected elements >:)
ShaRose49 July 16, 2020 edit delete reply
Don’t leave the banana ant!!! Actually ants have been a real plague in my room this summer
Matt Comics July 16, 2020 edit reply
Matt Comics
ants are some of my favorite bugs, except when they invade the house. someday I'll kick their anthill in retaliation.