Red phone
Sat, August 22, 2020 in Issue 3 - Colorful Chaos

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Red phone
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Author Notes
Matt Comics
We're back after a little break! And so is the Banana Ant! Are you ready? This is going to be a mostly silly issue.

The guy who's overreacting is a kobold, by the way. Not the dragon-faced D&D kind, but rather an old-school folkloric kobold.

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ShaRose49 August 22, 2020 edit delete reply
I wuv the little cactus!!

Why does chunky stew remind me a teeny bit of flibber-o-loo?
Matt Comics August 22, 2020 edit delete reply
Matt Comics
cacti are a cool thing to draw! I mashed random food-related words together until I found a satisfying name, so I guess it is reminiscent of those silly towns. :)