...the Heroic Age!
Wed, December 26, 2018 in Issue 1 - Hello, Huckleberry!

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...the Heroic Age!
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Author Notes
Matt Comics December 21, 2018 edit
Matt Comics
How's that for a short intro? And we finally see our main character! (well, in the past)

And yes, the kid in the second panel is none other than me/Matt Comics, holding a tiny pic of the actual first drawing of Superglue & co., made so long ago.

Between that and some other things, it seems we already have a lot of subtle cross-continuity. Enjoy!

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ShaRose49 December 28, 2018 edit delete reply
D’awwww! Baby Huckleberry!
Matt Comics December 28, 2018 edit delete reply
Matt Comics
definitely one of the cutest things I ever drew! my sister loved it.