Meet the (O)ranger
Fri, December 11, 2020 in Issue 3 - Colorful Chaos
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Meet the (O)ranger
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
I guess it's pretty fitting to release a page that takes place on a mountain on International Mountain Day! I should really hurry up and finish this issue though.

In other news, I thought it'd be funny to see Huck occasionally mix up human words and sayings. He's not a human, after all, he can't be familiar with every single confusing idiom. So far we have tarnation --> tarantula and armadillo --> armordingo.

and yeah designing the Oranger was a lot of fun. have fun!

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ShaRose49 December 11, 2020 edit delete reply
What in Tarantula...?

My new line
Matt Comics December 11, 2020 edit reply
Matt Comics
it does sound pretty cool! XD
ShaRose49 December 13, 2020 edit delete reply
Haha ;) Iā€™m gonna love saying it