Sat, December 15, 2018 in Issue 1 - Hello, Huckleberry!

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Matt Comics December 15, 2018 edit delete
Matt Comics
Welcome to the world of Huckleberry, everyone!

...which is really just a corner of the Redacverse. I was in the mood for a superheroic spinoff. Many characters introduced in The Redac will appear sooner or later, but this comic will also feature even older characters, new heroes, and several public domain figures.

Left to right:

1st panel: (my version of) Thor, Pulpland, some alien hero, the Imperturbable Butt.
2nd panel: Superglue, Superbubble, Superfast.
3rd panel: Morning Star, Mechaworm, Winter Princess, Protogaster. (and Superfast in the background!)

More stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

-Mr. Comics

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A(nonym) December 15, 2018 edit delete reply
Cutest buttons ever.(ノ≧ڡ≦)
Matt Comics December 28, 2018 edit delete reply
Matt Comics
ShaRose49 December 19, 2018 edit delete reply
I agree. This is a good way to start a superhero comic, with a scene like this.
Matt Comics December 19, 2018 edit delete reply
Matt Comics
thanks! I thought it'd be great to introduce the whole setting even before the main character.

also your comment showed that the footer was pretty weird but it's fixed now lol