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Purple comet
Issue: #4 - World of worms | Sun, May 1, 2022
Purple comet
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
Let's fill the protagonist slapstick quota.

This is a phony town located near Mock Mountain, so most of the birds are quite fake... by which I mean, they're monsters, but shaped like birds.

The white cyclops-like bird is Zog, one of too many monsters I found in my childhood drawings!

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Jeremy7 May 1, 2022 edit delete reply
Givin' ol' Huck the slip, are they?
Matt Comics May 1, 2022 edit reply
Matt Comics
this desert is one big slippery slope
ShaRose49 May 1, 2022 edit delete reply
I adore that tiny map! Makes me want to visit.

Also I just adore your adorable art/soft colour palette in general <3

(Also I just read your cast page, that was hilarious, well done!)
Matt Comics May 2, 2022 edit reply
Matt Comics
tiny maps are cool! and thanks :)

I'm glad you like the cast page but it's unfinished, haha. I'm supposed to add more characters soon, and maybe put them in clickable folders.