Issue 4 Cover
Mon, October 11, 2021 in #4 - World of worms
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Issue 4 Cover
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
Another adventure begins... with the return of Mechaworm!

The hairy worm is Wormatt, an annelid equivalent of myself, a joke character created long ago by my sister.

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ShaRose49 October 11, 2021 edit delete reply
Nice cover, very moody!
Matt Comics October 11, 2021 edit reply
Matt Comics
it's a moody and doomy turn of events! thanks!
Jeremy7 October 11, 2021 edit delete reply
My my, how the wormtables
Matt Comics October 12, 2021 edit reply
Matt Comics
it ain't over till the flatworm sings...
Marcel October 12, 2021 edit delete reply
I can't wait to burrow into this one! I'm casting my vote!
Matt Comics October 13, 2021 edit reply
Matt Comics
thanks! I have some interesting things planned for this story...