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Funny tales from the Heroic Age !
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#1 - Hello, Huckleberry!

2019 - This issue introduces the protagonist and the setting.
#2 - At war with a worm

2020 - Huckleberry's daily life includes unexpected foes. And who is Morning Star?
#3 - Colorful Chaos

2020/21 - This is the kind of silliness that happens between big fights.
Diamondback: Under the Desert

2021 - The Diamondback fell in the abysssss, now he wantsss to get out...
#4 - World of worms

2021/22 - Huckleberry meets a naturalist! And we catch up with Mechaworm.
#5 - Fowl & Flashbacks

2022 - More birds, more lore, and the fate of Mechaworm!

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Adventure Calendar
What happens inside Mock Mountain in midwinter? Featuring Winter Princess!