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Night light
Issue: #5 - Fowl & Flashbacks | Mon, October 17, 2022
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Night light
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Author Notes
by Matt Comics edit
Matt Comics
Razoredge is an exaggeration of blade-armored villains (Sauron, Shredder, Stryfe). I tried to make his silhouette look scary!

And yes, the Diamondback is back in the desert. He isn't much of a challenge for the powerful protagonists. I'm going to orient his role towards puns and sarcasm...

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Xade Oct 17, 2022 edit delete reply
Matt Comics Oct 17, 2022 edit reply
Matt Comics
fight scenes are better with funny dialogue!
Jeremy7 Nov 7, 2022 edit delete reply
Look, I get how awesome carrying around a full armory is, but you gotta leave the nice stuff at home unless it's REALLY important
Matt Comics Nov 7, 2022 edit reply
Matt Comics
good advice! and this is probably not the first time he loses a blade...